Who We Are?

About Us

Namm Parkiing is an application that helps people find and reserve parking spaces in both commercial and residential areas, and provides the opportunity for space owners to monetize on their empty space. A first of its kind, Namm Parkiing provides a safe a secure platform with its innovative and interactive model


To provide a mutually beneficial parking solution to vehicle and space owners, and also to reduce congestion in the city of Bangalore


  • Make parking easier for vehicle owners with the usage of the Namm Parkiing app in finding a parking spot
  • Assist space owners in converting their Non Performing Assets into performing Assets by providing their space to vehicle owners for parking through the Namm Parkiing app

We aim at building and sustaining a system that is operationally smooth and advantageous to all stake holders, including the city which benefits from reduced congestion on the streets